Knitting It Back Together


Knitting at the beach

free-sewing-clipart-fptfy-3While everyone one is murmuring about going to the beach in this unusually warm WINTER weather we are having, you could just do something that gives you that negative ion feeling you get at the water’s edge. For me its knitting. I am still working on the project you see pictured above. I am not a speed knitter or production seamstress. I do it for the soothing rhythm. It takes me about 20 minutes to get in rhythm, knitting that is.

For example, this past weekend, I finished a sewing challenge project and today I submitted it to be Judged at our own local fabric shop, Stitch N Time. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed creating my OWL FEATHERS Pillow with Bonnie Christines recent line of fabric. She is Maxine’s daughter. Then Maxine and I chatted  briefly about our family life in common and how I enjoyed her blog where she had recorded and shared some of her life events. We both were teary eyed over our memories, but also built up in our shared experience of sewing creatively. So please don’t wait for a trip to your favorite place for that feel good feeling , when it can be had right here and now!20170227_131558

So, for starters go down to the fabric store, Stitch N Time and have a look at the entry’s for this sewing challenge and vote for your favorite one and get a little inspiration to start sewing your self! Then you can check out my current class schedule and sign up and enjoy the waves too!

Yours Gretta Hurst