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Hello everyone! I hope all is well with each and every one of you, I know that is asking a lot! But I am here to brighten your day!

For starters, I know many of you want to take ongoing sewing classes but find it very very hard to get away on a week to week schedule. So, to that end I am working on putting my classes on line! You can take them anywhere anytime that fits your life style/schedule or lack there of! Lol!

I am currently taking 2 online courses. The one gives me 30 different projects with

downloadable instructions and then my goal is to make tutorial videos to go with these.
These are Licensed Courses from the company, Martha Pullen University, a world class leader in the world, around the world, sewing instructor, whom has gone online herself with her team of wonderful instructors. I will be an Accredited Teacher of beginning sewing 1 and 2, with much more coming such as clothing construction, serger and heirloom.

~Martha Pullen Class Project~

The second class is with Coleen Stanley of CourseCoderscom . I will be releasing a Beta or Pilot course by June some time. Check it out if you have ever wanted to,Teach What You Know, she is great! She is a young , fresh face of a new entrepreneur and has exciting ideas and the know how and tools to help you make it happen.
So I am very interested in your feed back. All I am asking is that you send this email to a friend who would like to learn to sew, or has kids in public or home school who would like to learn these Life Skills of Sewing, cause we all wear clothes!
Gretta Hurst

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Author: patchessewingstudio

I am a licensed Sewing Instructor after receiving 3 certificates of completion from the Martha Pullen University. As an Alumni student I now have at my disposal to share with my class room students at least 100 projects for the beginner sewist on up to those wanting to make the best use of their serger. I have been in the past a full time seamstress, doing alterations and custom clothes for the public. But I now enjoy my true love of sewing by sharing this life skill with others at my studio here in the North Carolina mountains. Come along and we will widen out in our wonderful love of all things sewn, crafted and created with fibers and needles by hand and machine!

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