Patches Sewing Studio

20160404_143544Hello fellow fiber fans, sewist, seamstresses,tailors and wanna be’s! I am truly
excited today! This is the first Blog of Patches Sewing Studio. Many thanks to my web designer Liz Jones and long time family friend.My son Samuel is soooo glad to be relieved of that duty! My web site is being relaunched as well. As of now it is the same address. . Now with a interactive calendar with pictures….Liz is working on the pictures as we speak. Update! The pictures are working! On the class calendar, click on the class you are interested in  , then click on more details and see a sample picture of the class project. 

So, why blog when my true love is to create with fibers old and new , up cycled, recycled , re purposed , re imagined , re created , with new tools , new patterns, new skills ….well you get the idea! Because I love to share my love for all things fiber and self-made. To share the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning what used to be vital life skills.

That leads us to the next important question. Why should you read my blog? Why should you take my classes? Is sewing and creating of any  real importance to me? Sewing: It is an integral part of your life. What you have on was woven , knitted , designed,crafted by someone. In to sports? Team jerseys are monogrammed their name  and team number even their last name across the shoulders, Horses? Your horse blanket was sewn by a seamstress /sewist in a factory some where. Wedding? Who designed and created your gown, his suit? Quilt or comforter on your bed? Curtains at the window? I do believe your life is surrounded by sewing . Have you needed a seamstress lately to alter you wedding gown? Hem a pair of Jeans? Sewing is a forgotten art. It was always taught in the home in decades past as  a must know life skill! It has seen a renewed interest of late as have all Heritage art. So join in ! Don’t miss out on all the fun! I will keep you posted.




Author: patchessewingstudio

I am a licensed Sewing Instructor after receiving 3 certificates of completion from the Martha Pullen University. As an Alumni student I now have at my disposal to share with my class room students at least 100 projects for the beginner sewist on up to those wanting to make the best use of their serger. I have been in the past a full time seamstress, doing alterations and custom clothes for the public. But I now enjoy my true love of sewing by sharing this life skill with others at my studio here in the North Carolina mountains. Come along and we will widen out in our wonderful love of all things sewn, crafted and created with fibers and needles by hand and machine!

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